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The Following Training Sessions are Available Through Bible Way Chaplaincy

It is the belief of Bible Way Chaplaincy that all Chaplains need effective support by training. We at Bible Way Chaplaincy offer several courses, but encourage our Chaplains to seek out training from their agency or any other continued education in their field. Training offered by Bible Way Chaplaincy is certified through Bible Way Association.

I_The Bible Way Chaplaincy - Introduction

This course is designed to introduce the Bible Way Chaplaincy to those that may be interested in a career or serving as a Chaplain. No CEU's are offered for this course.

II_Grief Counseling (Basic)

This course is designed to help the Minister/Chaplain to understand one theory of grief processing of the individual.

III_The Chaplain and the Law

This course offers an insight to the law and justice system by going through the fundamentals. It looks at the civil (tort) side of things and the applications to the Minister or Chaplain in the real world.

IV_The Church and the Law

This course is perfect for the board members, Sunday School Teacher and all Ministers/Chaplains. The participant will be face to face with real lawsuits that happen to the churhch on a regular basis and some basic ideas on how to protect the church from lawsuits.

V_The Jail Chaplain

This course is designed to introduce the participant to the different calling of Jail Chaplain. The jail can be an intimidating and dangerous place for a new Chaplain. This is also a great course for learning how to witness to the lost.

VI_World Religions

It is not the intention of this course to explain every religion, faith or religious structure. We hope to increase your awareness of others beliefs that YOU will come in contact with.

VII_The Disaster Chaplain - Spiritual Care

This course is to prepare Ministers/Chaplains to care for hurting individuals that have experienced a disaster.

VIII_Adult Care Chaplain

This Course is designed to introduce the participant to the understanding of visitation in Adult Care (Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilities), the importance of relating to the staff of the facility, understand the art of conversation and how to introduce someone else to this ministry. .

IX_Death Notification

This course is designed to introduce the participant to the understand of death notification, the Minister's/Chaplain's role in the death notification process, knowing what to ask before a notication and knowing what not to say.

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