Great Badge BWChaplaincy "Serving those that serve others"

Our Purpose


The purpose of Bible Way Chaplaincy is to facilitate mutual encouragement, support and understanding among chaplains.

To advertise and provide opportunities for continuing education that
 addresses especially the needs and concerns of Chaplains.

To support and promote professional chaplaincy, and to safeguard high
 professional standards among chaplains in the "BWC".

To increase awareness, respect and appreciation for chaplains.

Areas in which we serve are:

*** Emergency Services
*** Prisions
*** Jails
*** Hospitals
*** Nursing Homes
*** Campuses
*** Corporations

Chaplains are not employees of the Bible Way Chaplaincy, but are volunteers seconded
by their own respective home congregations or jobs. To this take Bible Way Chaplaincy
is a benevolent affiliate of Bible Way Association, not for profit.

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