Great Badge BWChaplaincy "Serving those that serve others"


Application for new Chaplains, Affiliated Chaplains and Chaplain Aides

1. An application fee of $95.00 - Includes processing ($25.00) and backgound check fees ($75.00). (If background check is performed the application fee is non-refundable.)

2. Processing fee of $25.00 - The background check can be waived, if the applicant is working for an agency that requires a background check for employment or if a recommendation is given from the Bible Way Association found or a Bible Way General Board Member.

3. All credentials are held relevant to the request of membership.

4. Incomplete applications or requested information or explations may be returned to the applicant for completion before processing of application can be completed.

5. Monthly Dues - $10.00 for Chaplains and Affiliated Chaplains. $5.00 for Chaplain Aides and Honorary Chaplains.

6. If you would like an application or further information, you can contact us at or call 573-291-1990.

Rev. Eugene Abrams and Senior Chaplain Rev. Michael Bonham