Great Badge BWChaplaincy "Serving those that serve others"

About Us - The Objects of the Bible Way Chaplaincy

The Bible Way Chaplaincy is a Department of the Bible Way Assemblies Division of Bible Way Association.

A. The Bible Way Chaplaincy (BWC) facilitates mutual encouragement, support, understanding, respect and collegiality among its members.

The BWC shall admit to membership and serve all qualified persons without discrimination regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, or faith group. Inclusivity is a foundational value of the BWC.
Members shall demonstrate respect for the opinions, beliefs and professional endeavors of other members.
Members shall not use their relationship to BWC for personal gain. They shall refrain from emotional, financial, sexual, or any other form of exploitation.

B. The Bible Way Chaplaincy (BWC) supports and promotes professional chaplaincy and safeguards high professional standards.

Members of the BWC are expected to follow the Common Code of Ethics for Spiritual Care.

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